Thursday, July 9, 2020

What You Should Know About Electrical System Upgrades

electrician-300x200.jpgAs more and more electric appliances and furniture are manufactured for every home, the need for electrical system upgrades has become more essential than necessary. This is true for both older and new homes, although upgrades are more common in older homes. It is extremely important to ensure your system is suitable for your home’s electrical needs. Every aspect of the system should run smoothly not only to prevent damage on your electrical appliances and equipment but also to avoid the dangerous risks it could bring to your home and your family. Electrician Myrtle Beach lists some of the important aspects of an electrical upgrade to help you ensure a safe and effective upgrade. Planning for an electrical system upgrade In the planning phase, the most important thing you need to remember is to include both your present and future electrical needs. This will ensure that you won’t have to continually do an upgrade every year. Keep in mind that technology is rapidly developing with new and better electrical gadgets and tools being manufactured and offered in the market at a quick rate. And because most of these gadgets are essential, you’ll find yourself investing money on them. And, thus, you’ll need to ensure your electrical wiring system is capable to run more of the equipment you’ll be buying in the future. Aside from this, it also helps to check your current electricity service and determine if it can accommodate the system upgrade that you’re planning. Most homes, especially the older ones, would need to upgrade their electrical service before upgrading their systems. Ask your electrician to look at your system and verify if increasing your current service is needed. Checking your electrical system circuit breaker You will need to check your circuit breaker to see if it can accommodate a system upgrade. Otherwise, you’ll also have to replace your circuit breaker in order for you to do an upgrade on your electrical wiring. When looking at your circuit breaker, you’ll need to find the size of the service and the amp rating. Make sure you current amp rating can accommodate your system upgrade. Most 100-amp service can handle an upgrade. If you have an amp rating of 60 or less, you’ll need to replace your current circuit breaker to accommodate your system upgrade. Additionally, you’ll have to make sure your current circuit breaker has enough open slots for your system upgrade. Keep in mind that you’ll need one open slot for every 120-volt circuit that you plan to add to your system and two open slots for every 240-volt circuit. If there are not enough open slots in your circuit breaker, you can consider installing a sub panel. Make sure you have the local electrical contractor look through your current system and determine if the upgrade you are planning complies with local electrical and building codes. You can also ask the inspector for some suggestions on how you can implement a safe and efficient upgrade.

Upgrading your electrical system is not an easy task. Contact Myrtle Beach Electrician Pros for professional assistance now.

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Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Frequently Asked Questions About Electric Box Repair

electrician-4-300x200.jpgIt is inevitable, in old and even newer homes that an electrical box breaks down. All of a sudden, every electrical appliance at home stops working whether through old breaker box, faulty installation or even malfunctioning circuitry.Professional Myrtle Beach electricians suggest on getting electrical panel repair work done by a first-class professional to avoid putting your whole family at risk. What about electrical breakers? Your electrical breaker panel consists of crucial security functions such as breaker that helps avoid damage to your home by the fire, power surge, short circuits, and circuit overload. It is the main point where power enters your house and provides the electrical energy supply all your electric outlets. Electrical wiring is a security risk, but not if done right by a trusted electrician Myrtle Beach who holds the suitable trade license, bonding and insurance coverage. Before working with an electrical contractor, check that she or he has actually provided the required documentation and validate the company's standing within the area. What is the most typical breaker box repair work? Electrical breaker repair work can vary from merely changing a blown fuse on a breaker to a panel replacement to an extensive overhaul of the house's breaker system. Here are a few of the typical repair work that electrical experts see:
  • An overloaded circuit triggers duplicated tripped breaker since the system cannot hold up under the power needs of your HVAC System, lighting, devices and other electrical devices. If a greater level of current runs through the breakers that were initially developed, the circuit will deliberately "break" to avoid larger issues. An electrical expert can solve this issue by including more power. An amp breaker ranked for greater power can make sure undisturbed circulation of electrical energy. You can lower the electrical devices and home appliances that depend on power to stabilize the supply and need-- a service that's totally free.
  • Short circuit in your home’s electrical circuit or in the electrical home appliance or devices linked to the outlet. The electrical expert will examine the circumstance to figure out if the outlets, wire insulation or devices cables are the sources of the issue.
  • Ground fault issues resemble short-circuiting, however, they take place when the ground wire and hot wire meet, or the hot wire touches the metal outlet box's side. Figuring out the reason for the issue is the initial step; changing or changing wires is the next.
  • Loose connections are not as typical a cause as a few of the others noted here. When wires come loose-- suggesting the screws on the breakers aren't screwed securely-- the circuit breaker overloads and trips. Typically, an electrical contractor can fix this issue by correctly tightening up the screws.
When should I call an electrical expert to fix a breaker box? Aside from a breaker that constantly trips, try to find these indications that electrical repair work is essential and call an electrical expert:
  • Breakers that becomes hot when you touch them.
  • A burning odor that originates from the electrical panel.
  • Proof of torn wires or metal that's scorched.
  • If the breaker makes hissing or popping sounds.

Before employing a Myrtle Beach electrician to carry out electrical breaker repair work, contact the company to get suggestions for reliable service specialists.

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Thursday, June 25, 2020

Tips On Energy Efficient Kitchens From Your Electrician

electrician-3-200x300.jpgThe National Electric Code for electricians, or NEC lists the required electrical standards for kitchen appliances. It’s important to know this, whether you are remodeling your kitchen or simply rewiring an older kitchen. New construction allows freedom to get the best and most energy efficient wiring possible, but you can also keep in mind that it’s completely possible in old homes as well, to rewire the house for new codes of energy efficient electrical wiring. If you do have an older house, you should call in a qualified electrician and let him suggest ways to make improvements that will save you money in the long run, as well as bring the house up to code.

How Electricians Wire For Refrigerators

There’s no doubt that one of the biggest consumers of electricity in your house is the refrigerator. Today’s code still does not require the fridge to be run through a separate circuit. The code today states that no one motorized appliance can use more than half of the maximum amount the circuit can give. Yet refrigerators often use nearly the entire amount all on their own. Although appliance circuits are listed in today’s code as needing two circuits per countertop, your electrician should always give the microwave, refrigerator and dishwasher their own circuit. Kitchen lighting can be coupled and run with the dining room circuit. There should always be circuits available at all times in order to prevent a maxed out circuit. Otherwise, someone could plug the smallest thing in and max out the circuit because the fridge, for example, is taking up the entire circuit. No matter what the code says, you should ask your electrician to configure the wiring in such a way that it isn’t maxed out by one appliance. While most electricians Myrtle Beach will use the original house plans to lay out the wiring. The problem can be that those plans don’t cover the potential wiring issues that can cause the home to not be wired correctly. For instance, the electrician needs to be aware of what the kitchen plans are for appliances. Is the homeowner using a commercial line of appliances? Are these appliances more of a professional grade? If they are, then they are bigger than average and will require more electricity. If your home wasn’t custom wired for your needs, then chances are the house had the minimal amount of wiring to start with and if you’re remodeling, you will need to have more circuits available. In conclusion, it will serve you well if you know ahead of time which appliances you will have in your kitchen. Save yourself and your electrical contractor a major headache by planning this out in advance. It’s much easier to wire on the front end for what you need.

Wiring your home properly can be a big job in order to do it right. For more information on how to properly wire your kitchen for energy efficiency, please contact us today at MB Electrician Pros. We’re the electricians who know our stuff!

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Thursday, June 18, 2020

Do You Have To Hire A Local Electrician For Home Appliances?

electrician-2-300x200.jpgElectricity is an essential need and consumers hire a local electrician for various reasons like installing, fixing, or maintaining home appliances that run on electricity. An electrician is just one person who possesses the professional skills needed to install and build special mediums or devices to provide electricity to your house so you can live comfortably. If the electric supply to your home begins tripping or a problem happens in any of the sockets or appliances that you have then you need to hire the services of an electrical contractor. Do not try to fix the electrical problems on your own especially if you do not have the knowledge, skills, and tools. If you do, you may end up experiencing an electric shock, which can be fatal. In case you notice any light fixture or home appliance has stopped working, you need to call an electrician right away. It is important for you to find a trustworthy, reliable, and licensed professional who can help fix the problem for a price you can afford.

Important Considerations Before Hiring An Electrician

  1. Look for an electrician Myrtle Beach who is experienced and reliable. Never go with one who is otherwise because they may end up causing more damage than good.
  2. There are electricians who specialize in certain fields. There are those who concentrate on wiring issues while there are others who are experts in home appliances. There are also electricians who have skills in handling electrical problems of motor vehicles.
  3. It is also recommended to find an electrician who has skills and experience in working with the electrical wirings for both homes and commercial buildings. You will also find others who perform maintenance and repair jobs.
  4. Before you hire an electrician, you should know what needs to be done because this will help you determine what type of electrician you need.
  5. Most electricians are honest and can complete their job without close supervision. However, there are also those who are shady and inexperienced and these kinds of workers tend to cause more problems for homeowners. Call several electricians and ask if they are licensed and insured. Describe that kind of service you need and show them the problem area if required. Let him know about your budget and ask for a quote. Be sure to take at least three bids from different electrical contractors. Don’t forget to base your decision not on the price alone but also on the quality, experience, skills, attitude, and materials.
  6. The time frame is also crucial. Ask the electrician like MB Electrician Pros when he thinks he can complete the job. You should also let him know if you want to set the completion date.

Call MB Electrician Pros if you are looking for a professional who can handle all your electrical problems.

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Thursday, June 11, 2020

Hurricane Preparedness In The Best Way Possible

electrician-1-300x200.jpgHard to believe, but the United States coastline is hit by an average of 5 hurricanes every 3 years. Hurricanes produce very high wind speeds—most often more than 100mph, as well as 20-foot storm surges. Much of the damage done during a hurricane is a result of storm surge, wind, and also the flooding from heavy rains and huge amounts of water from those surges washing into the streets. Because tropical storm season runs from June-November, it’s important to know and prepare ahead of time what you can do to give you and your family the best chance possible to fare well during a storm. Hurricanes are dangerous on many levels, so do all you can to prevent or minimize damage to your home and property. Here are some tips from professional electricians.

Keep reading for some great tips and information on how to prepare for hurricane season….

Each tropical storm is different, but good prep is the key to having the best outcome. Be proactive in the following: Create a list of things that need to be done around the house should a hurricane threaten your area. Such as bringing in all the lawn furniture, grills and any loose items like tools or toys. Remember, these items can be missiles in high winds! Keep your trees and shrubs cut back. Trimming trees and bushes back can help prevent extra damage as tree branches and shrubs break loose and fly around. Check your drains and gutters often and see that they remain clear of debris. You want them functioning freely in the event of heavy rainfall from hurricanes, or just heavy storms for that matter. If you live in a hurricane prone area, buy shutters that are specially designed for hurricanes. These shutters are far superior to taping your windows, which will NOT prevent them from breaking. Permanent shutters on doors and windows will give you much better protection for the glass. If you don’t have shutters, then plywood will protect the glass from the outside. Make an evacuation plan. Find out where your local shelters would be during a tropical storm and know how to get there. Talk to your local chapter of The Red Cross and find out what role they will play in the event of a tropical storm and what resources they would offer. They can also help with developing a route for evacuating if the need arises. Prepare blankets or sleeping bags so that you can get to them quickly if you have to evacuate and go to a shelter. Consider your pets and their needs. Make a plan ahead of time for what they will need, especially if you can’t take them with you. Make an emergency supply kit. You will want to have at the ready a kit of supplies like canned food, can opener, 3 days of water for each family member, batteries and radio, flashlights and a first aid kit.  Be sure to also have an extra supply of all medications you take. Turn your refrigerator to the coldest setting possible to preserve the cold air in the event of a power failure. Take as many things as possible off the floors to a higher spot to prevent water damage. Consider buying a generator. Everyone should have a generator—especially if you live in a storm or hurricane prone area. If you need more info about how to choose and purchase the right generator for you, ask an electrician Myrtle Beach. Finally, consider installing whole house surge protection. This will protect not just your TV but your entire home from lightening strikes and power surges that could destroy the thousands of dollars you have in your electronics, land line telephone systems and computers. To find out more about whole house surge protection, visit MB Electrician Pros.  Any time a tropical storm approaches, we tend to see a lot of chaos break out as people scramble at the last minute to evacuate. Being well prepared in advance can save you a lot of headache and hassle! It could even save your life.

Having a generator and Whole House Surge Protection is the best way to prepare for a hurricane.  Give us a call and we will fix you right up.

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Wednesday, June 3, 2020

What Happens During An Electrical Rough-In Inspection?

electrician-300x200.jpgWhether you go DIY or hire an electrician to do the electrical work for remodeling or new construction, the correct procedure involves having an inspector, who is employed by the local code business offer, conduct two reviews. There are other reasons that require electrical inspections like when you’re interested in buying a house or if you are planning to sell your home.

Two Rounds of Electrical Inspection

The first inspection is what they call the rough in inspection. This occurs if you have installed all of the electrical boxes, conduit, cables, and wires up to the point that you’re ready for the walls to be closed by surfaces. This type of inspection has to be done before the installation of the insulation so that the inspector gets a clear view of all the wire runs that come from the service panel to the fixtures and to the appliances. The second inspection happens once the house has been completed but you’re still not allowed to start using the space. The inspection is referred to as the final inspection. All of the walls have been closed in, the painting has been completed, the floors are finished, and you are all set for furniture installation. Make sure that all the circuits are fully functional and that all light fixtures have been hung and connected. In case the inspector gives his approval, that means everything has meet the professional standard and it is up to code. What Inspectors Look For Proper circuits – the house or home addition has the correct number of circuits to accommodate the electrical demand of the area. This includes making sure that appliances have dedicated circuits, if necessary. GFCI and AFCI circuit protection GCFI circuit protection has long been required for appliances and outlets that are located outdoors or near sources of water. The electrical inspection will include making sure that GFCI protected outlets have been installed and circuit breakers are installed where they should be. He will also check for AFCI or arc fault circuit interrupters. Electrical boxes – it’s also part of the electrical inspection to make sure that all electrical boxes are flus in the wall and that they are big enough to house the number of wire conductors, and other devices that they will contain. It must be also be fastened securely. Box heights – electrical inspectors will also check the height of the switch and outlets and make sure that they are consistent. Outlets must be at least 12 inches above the floors and the switches must also be at least 48 inches above the floor. Cable and wires – a licensed electrician Myrtle Beach will also check the cables and make sure that they are clamped in the boxes. Cable anchoring – electrical inspectors will also inspect for correct cable anchoring. The cables must be attached to the wall studs in order to secure them. Wire Labeling – even though this is not required by building codes, some homeowners and residential electricians add labels to the wires in the electrical boxes to show the circuit number as well as the circuit’s amperage.

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Monday, May 25, 2020

Myrtle Beach Electricians On What NOT To Do For A Safer Home

Myrtle-Beach-SC-_Electricians-293x300.jpgAccording to Myrtle Beach electricians, electrical issues and problems are often due to unawareness of the members of the household on how to properly maintain and use their electrical system. This is why it is important not only for the homeowner and head of household but all the members of the household as well to learn about properly using their electricity and what danger signs to look out for to prevent more severe problems from developing. One of the most important responsibilities of a homeowner and a head of household is to keep the entire house safe for everyone living in it. But they can only do this by working with all the members of the household. The entire household should practice discipline and cooperation to ensure everyone’s safety.

Below are some of the things you should not do to keep your family safe and prevent severe and dangerous electrical problems.

1. Leaving plastic-sheathed cable wires exposed to ceiling or wall framing This type of cable can be easily damaged when left exposed to ceiling or wall framing. Damages to a plastic-sheathed cable could eventually lead to more severe problems according to many electrician professionals. What you should do instead of leaving them exposed to framing is to cover the length of the exposed cable with a board that is 2 x 2 in size and at least 1 1/2 inches in thickness. Nail or screw the board to keep it in place. Do not staple the cable to the board because this will only leave more sections of the cable exposed.

2. Improperly connecting ground fault interrupters (GFCI) Generally, Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter or GFCIs have two sets of terminals, namely line, and load. These should be appropriately connected to your electrical system for the GFCIs to function. And you need them to function properly because they are what stand between your safety and an electrical shock or, worse, electrical fire.

You will often find your GFCIs in your bathrooms, kitchens, garages, and patios. They are often set up near sinks and other sources of water. The reason for this is because these are the areas where electrical shocks are most likely to happen. You need to ensure your GFCIs are properly connected to your electrical system so that it will function – by automatically shutting off power – should there be a change in current.

Because it can be tricky to determine whether or not your GFCIs are properly connected, it is highly recommended that you call in a professional at once. Aside from determining whether or not your GFCIs are properly connected, they also have the necessary tools and skills to safely reconnect them to the proper terminals.

3. Connecting wires outside of an electrical box Myrtle Beach electricians strongly warn against connecting wires outside of an electrical box. If there is one thing that is important in all residential and commercial electrical system, that is the electrical box. The primary purpose of electrical boxes is to protect the surrounding area from being damaged by sparks and heat coming from short-circuited or loose wires.

Imagine your electrical wires short-circuiting or becoming loose, sparks would fly from it and would land on other nearby materials and surfaces. This is how electrical fires begin. And the only way to prevent this is to keep your electrical wires inside a box. Aside from this, keeping them inside an electrical box helps keep your home look more organized by hiding the unattractive wires traveling along your walls and ceilings. Also, an electrical box helps protect the wires from other aspects – such as too much heat and/or radiation coming from your other appliances – which could easily damage the wires.

4. Placing too many wires inside your electrical box Your electrical box should not be overflowing with wires and clamps. Too many wires inside a box could easily result in short-circuiting, which will eventually lead to an electrical fire. If your electrical box is already full, consider investing on a larger electrical box or buying another electrical box to put your wires in. Keep in mind that there are a limited number of wires and clamps to be placed inside an electrical box.

If you are not sure about how big of an electrical box you need for your home, consult a professional electrician. You can also take a picture of your wires and clamps and bring them to your local hardware or electrical shop so that they may help you find the most appropriate and suitable box for your wires.

5. Not securing your cables with clamps Aside from placing all your wires inside electrical boxes – and making sure the electrical box is not overflowing, you should also ensure that your wires are tightly secured with clamps. Note that cable clamps prevent your wires from being strained and overworked out, which could lead to bigger problems such as short-circuiting.

When buying cable clamps, take note of the type of wires and electrical box that you are using. There are different clamps made for metal and plastic electrical boxes.

6. Placing your electrical box behind or near combustible materials Combustible materials are materials that could easily catch fire. And these include your wood paneling. Thus, it should be a safety precaution to not place your electrical boxes near or behind your wood paneling. You can never tell when wires could short circuit and give out sparks or overheat. When these reach your wood paneling, an electrical fire could easily start.

If you have already placed your electrical box behind or near your wood paneling, you do not have to remove it and set it up in another location. You can leave it there, provided you add a plastic or metal box extension. This would effectively protect your wood paneling from catching any spark or heat that may come from your electrical box. If unsure, contact your electrical contractor.

Looking for a professional electrician to work with? Contact Myrtle Beach Electrician Pros and inquire about their services now.

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