Monday, November 22, 2021

Electrical System Upgrades For A More Modern Home

electrician-3-300x223.jpgAn old house can be easily converted to a more modern house by doing some specific system upgrades with the help of an electrician. You don’t need to move out of your beloved home, purchase a brand new or recently built house, and start anew. If you want to remain in your home for the rest of your life, you can absolutely do so. Just be sure that you keep it updated, especially in terms of is electricity, plumbing, and roofing systems. These electrical upgrades are necessary to ensure your house will be able to serve its purpose efficiently for as long as possible. Think of these upgrades as investments for the safety and protection of your entire family. Aside from these, you are effectively preventing costly damages, repairs and replacements if you keep your electricity system always updated.

Electrician Tips: Important electrical upgrades you should definitely invest on

1. Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI’s) These are devices installed to monitor current in circuits. If it detects any uncharacteristic increase or decrease in power, it “interrupts” the flow of the current to prevent the electrical current from leaking. Myrtle Beach electrician says that if it detects the current to stop altogether for a brief period of time for no reason at all, it stops the flow of current as soon as it returns back to prevent ground faults and electrical shock. GFCIs are often installed in the bathroom, kitchen, garage, near outdoor outlets, in crawl spaces, and in unfinished basements. Basically, GFCI’s are installed anywhere there is a possibility to have contact with water and the ground. According to experts, installing GFCI’s help decrease electrocution accidents by at least 70%. For more convenience, GFCI’s today are can now be installed in the electrical circuit panels to protect circuits throughout the house from ground faults. 2. Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters (AFCI’s) These work similarly like GFCI’s. The only difference is that they protect from electrical fires instead of ground fault electrocutions. More specifically, it works to detect arcs and, thus, prevent arcing, which can easily cause electrical fires. Industry professionals say arcs are usually a result of damaged or worn out wires that have not been replaced. Incorrect wiring and loose or wet connections have also been found to cause arcs. Call a pro for electrical repairs if needed. It is important to note that there are normal and not dangerous arcs. These are caused by fluorescent lighting, the use of dimmers and some switches. More advanced and recently developed AFCI’s are manufactured in a way that they are able to tell which are dangerous arcs and which are the normal and safer arcs. If you have old wiring in your electrical system, it is a must that you install AFCI’s since older wiring are more prone to causing electrical fire. It is required by the National Electric Code that AFCI’s be installed in bedrooms, living and family rooms, and all common rooms frequented and commonly used by the household members.

Installing these devices are critically important not only to have a more modern house; but more so for the safety and protection of your family. Call an electrical system professional now to discuss the installation process. Contact MB Electrician Pros now.

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Wednesday, November 17, 2021

What Appliances Use The Most Energy In Your Home?

electrician-2-300x206.jpgOur electronic devices and appliances are indispensable. It is almost impossible to imagine living without lighting, heating, computers, or gaming consoles. But, none of these items are free. You realize how much electricity you need to stay comfortable and entertained every month when your power bill arrives. Do you know which appliances use the most power? We'll be looking at which appliances consume the most energy, and sharing some tips to reduce your electricity bill. Here are some tips an electrician want you to know.

Tips From Reliable Electricians

Which appliances consume the most electricity in a house? You must consider two things when talking about power consumption: how much electricity the appliance consumes while it is in use, and how long it stays on. Nearly anything that heats and cools will be a major consumer of electricity. HVAC is the most prominent example. It draws a lot of electricity and can be turned on for many hours each day. How much it will cost depends on where you live. Your heating and cooling costs will be lower if you live in a climate zone. Residents in many states of the US will be subject to higher energy costs due to long, cold winters or hot summers. Although appliances like fridges and freezers are efficient and don't consume too much power, they will play an important role in your electric consumption. Why is my house using so much electricity? It isn't always easy to see which appliances use the most electricity in a home. Each appliance and device requires different power requirements so it can be hard to determine exactly which appliances are consuming the most energy. You can generally say that climate control and anything that heats (such as an oven,hairdryer or washer/dryer) are big energy consumers, but it is possible to be unclear about the exact amount for these appliances. An electricity usage monitor can be purchased for around $15-$30. It will show you how much power your device uses. The little boxes plug in to an outlet and the power cable of the appliance is plugged into the monitor. You can simply see how many kilowatt hours it consumes and calculate the cost to run it. Find out how much your bill from an energy company costs per kWh. There are more sophisticated systems that can accurately measure your energy consumption and the individual appliances. The app will display on your smartphone exactly what appliances are using the most power and in real time. These devices are expensive at $150-$250 but you might find that the detailed information allows you to reduce your electric consumption. Why is your electric bill so high It can be great to have the option to wear a t-shirt, jeans, and just socks when you are at home. But it will be costly. It seems sensible to keep the temperature at 68 degrees, regardless of the weather outside. But be aware that your electricity bills will go up. Your electric bill can be affected by reducing your thermostat in winter and raising it in summer. Older houses tend to be more expensive to maintain the right temperature. Modern houses are more affordable to heat or cool because of the improvements in insulation and building techniques. If you own an older home, consider upgrading the insulation and making sure that the windows are sealed from drafts. It is more expensive to operate older appliances than newer models. Modern technology has made all consumer products more efficient, and they use less electricity today than they did a few years back. It can be costly to keep appliances that consume the most energy current, but it will save you money on your electricity bills. Unnecessary power consumption is another contributor to your electric bill. For example, leaving lights on in empty rooms, or using the HVAC when there is no one else. It is important to make a habit of turning off appliances and lights when you aren't using them. You can also program your HVAC system to match your work and personal life. Which cost you the most on your electricity bill? Heating and cooling account for around 40% of your electricity bill. Washers, dryers and ovens are also big energy users. Although electronic devices such as TVs and laptops are generally quite inexpensive to operate, the cost of running them can add up. It is amazing how many items you have that require electric power. Is it possible to save electricity by unplugging appliances? The short answer to that question is yes. Many electrical appliances and devices use power even after they are turned off. They may be okay if they have a simple on/off switch, but many modern devices have a small circuit that is always in use and ready to trigger when a button or remote button is pressed. What about those with built-in clocks or memory to store settings? Although they don't use a lot of electricity, we do not think that they consume a lot. The US Department of Energy estimates that unplugging appliances can save you between $100 and $200. electrician-2-300x200.jpgWhy is my electric bill so high in 2021? The prices of electricity can fluctuate, just like the prices for all commodities. That's why you need to know some energy saving tips from electrical contractors. This could affect your energy bill, even if you don't have a fixed tariff. A change in circumstances is more likely to cause a rise in your bill between 2020 and 2021. COVID-19 is a factor that has had a significant impact on our lives. It has led to us spending more time at home than usual. You use more electricity when you are at home, maybe even a lot. You need to keep the house at a comfortable temperature. If you work from home, you will need to use a computer and printer. To entertain yourself, TVs, tablets and gaming consoles must be on more often than usual. Is it more expensive to heat water with electricity or gas? Natural gas is significantly cheaper than electricity in most areas of the country. A gas-powered furnace, while cheaper to operate than an electric one, is more costly to install. However, the situation is changing. Gas is a finite resource and stocks are starting to run out. However, renewable energy sources will continue expanding. Gas will become more difficult to obtain, and it will be more expensive. However, as more green energy is developed, electricity will become cheaper. Here are the top 10 energy-related costs in your house HVAC Heating and cooling are the main household appliances that use the most power. Your HVAC system is at the top of the list. It is important to keep it in good condition and insulate your home. This will reduce the cost of essential equipment. You should call a pro for electrical repair if required. Water heating Heating hot water is an additional 14% if heating and air conditioning account for more than 40% of your electrical usage. It is important to not waste water. Use a dishwasher to wash your dishes instead of taking a bath. Refrigerator A refrigerator is essential, but it's possible to reduce its running costs. The first step is to replace your old refrigerator with a newer model. In terms of energy consumption, refrigerators today are more efficient than older models. It is important to not overload the refrigerator, keep it at its recommended temperature and use it efficiently. It loses some of its coldness every time it is opened and must work harder. Washer and dryer They use approximately 5% of your electricity together. Efficiency is the key word. Wash a full load, but don't fill it up. Use cold water to wash and dry naturally when possible. Stove and electric oven Ovens and stoves can draw a lot more electricity than they are used for. When possible, give an oven a minimum amount of time to warm up and use a microwave, slow cooker, or toaster oven. Dishwasher For water conservation and electricity use, a dishwasher is more efficient than washing by hand. However, it's better to wash full loads and use economy mode whenever possible. Lighting Modern light bulbs use less energy than older bulbs, a professional Myrtle Beach electrician said. LEDs offer excellent quality light and no heat at a fraction the price of older technologies. Television and media equipment Modern electronics are energy-efficient and use less than 1% of your electricity consumption. If you have a modern TV, this won't be a problem. To conserve energy, turn your TV off at the wall if you are going to be away for the whole day or for a weekend. Computers Modern computers, like TVs and other electronic devices, aren't too demanding in terms of power consumption but they are often left on. They won't fail if they are turned off when not in use. "Vampire" power Even though a device may be off, it doesn't necessarily mean that it isn't drawing power. To ensure they don't draw any power, unplug them or use power strips that have on/off switches. While no one would want to live without electricity, it is important that you are aware of which appliances consume the most energy and how you use them. We are too accustomed to turning on things and forgetting about them. Electricity is a resource that should not be wasted.

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Saturday, November 13, 2021

Why are My Lights Dimming or Flickering?

Flickering or dimming lights can be annoying and most people blame a bad connection or faulty bulbs. There are many reasons your lights might be dimming. However, the main reason is when your circuit loads increase suddenly. Your electrician might ask you whether the lights are constantly dimming or increasing in dimming. This is an important question because it can help you determine the root cause of your problem. It is best to contact a licensed electrician if you have any questions about electrical work. Electrical work can be dangerous and could lead to serious injuries.


Your lights may dim more because of a loosening wire connection. This problem is more common in warmer months, when electricity is in high demand due to AC units running at full speed. As loose wires can cause high resistance which can lead to fire, it is better to call a Myrtle Beach electrician immediately.

PLUGGED IN APPLIANCES Plugged in Appliances

If the lights dimming when you plug in an appliance, such as an iron or kettle, it may be that the appliance isn’t working properly. It’s best to have the appliance repaired as soon as possible to avoid any potential harm, like shocking you.


As electrical circuits have evolved over the years, lights in modern homes don’t share the same wiring as the lights in older homes. If a new appliance is plugged into, especially if they draw more electricity when they’re turned on than when they’re running, the demand for the circuit can increase, which can cause your lights to go out. A emergency electrician can help you solve this problem by installing dedicated circuits.

Older houses may have problems because they are unable to keep up with newer technology’s demands for electricity. Some devices, such as laptops, use more electricity than ever before. This is called the electrical drain. If the electrical contractor determines that this is the problem they will be able to upgrade your home’s electrical circuits.


Things such as lights may not produce the same quality output due to age and wear. The light bulb’s output will decrease as light bulbs get used and more wear occurs. It is recommended to replace the light bulbs when this happens.


If your lights keep dimming for an extended period of time, and you cannot see any pattern, it might be worth calling your electricity company (i.e. FPL You might not get the same level of service as you’re used to because they have an issue.

It is important to take care of your home and all its components. Even something as small as dimming lights can cause a huge problem. Make sure to inspect all possible connections, from appliances to cables to the electricity company. If you have any questions, contact a licensed electrician for electrical repair. You should also be aware of other potential dangers and address them immediately to prevent a larger problem.

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Electrician Tips: Overload Warning Signs & Solutions

electrician-1-300x198.jpgModern technology could be putting a serious strain on your house's electrical system. Your electric system might not be able to handle your current electrical appliances, such as dish washers, microwaves and computer systems. Warning signs of electrical overload It is best to contact a professional electrician if any of these situations occur. When a home appliance activates, lights flicker. For no reason, integrates or breakers strike constantly. The devices are not at full power. There are many expansion cables that you can use. Important devices like the fridge, freezer, refrigerator, room-sized ACunit, dish washer and washing machine do not have their own circuit breakers.

Electrician Tips: Electrical Home Wiring Solutions

Homeowners today are well aware of the fact that power used in homes creates more greenhouse gases than cars and trucks. Many homes use electricity from oil, coal and gas. These gases produce dangerous carbon dioxide. A Myrtle Beach electrician says that the best way to conserve power is to ensure that your home's electrical system does not overload and causes no harm to the environment. Make sure that all appliances in the utility room are grounded and are connected to electrical outlets using a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter. Mounting a smoke alarm in the utility room will reduce fire dangers. Also, make sure to clean up the dust pan often. A dangerous point is an overloaded electric circuit. Make sure your circuitry is safe by getting it inspected by an electrical contractor. Contact a professional if you need electrical repair services. Energy efficient windows and doors can help to reduce your home's power consumption by around 15%. The heating and cooling systems of a house can be affected if air escapes. To increase the longevity and convenience of your home, seal air leakages in walls, ceilings, around doors, windows, and around windows. Replace one of the most used light bulbs with small fluorescent bulbs. When you are done with a space, turn off all electronic devices and lights. Also, don't leave the fridge door open for longer than necessary. The less people use power, the less electricity they consume. You will be more aware of the dangers of unchecked electrical systems in your home and understand the importance of regular inspection. The climate is also helped by power performance, which can save home owners up to 30% annually in electricity costs. If you need electrical services, make sure to hire experienced, trustworthy, and reputable electrical contractors to do the job.

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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Do you need electrical safety tips?

electrician-2-300x200.jpgDo you know the basics of electrical safety? The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that there are 31,000 home electric fires each year. There are over 180 cases of electrocution and other electricity-related incidents that could be avoided. Home electrical safety is an important topic that should not be ignored. Follow these safety tips from electricians to protect your home, family, and yourself.

Electrician Tips: Safety tips for electricity

What can cause electrical fires in your home? According to the National Fire Protection Association, faulty or damaged wiring, as well as related electrical equipment, is responsible for 69 percent of all electrical fires. This is followed by lamps, light fixtures and cords, and plugs, transformers, and other power supplies. Always consult a professional when looking for fire hazards in your home. Electric Safety Tips for Your House Make sure you are using the right wattage for all of your appliances and fixtures. The right bulbs will prevent electrical problems, according to Myrtle Beach electricians. Make sure you check all fixtures, lamps, and appliances for the correct wattage. Use 60-watt bulbs for light fixtures that do not have a wattage. For unmarked ceiling fixtures, choose 25-watt bulbs. To protect your home, be aware of overloaded outlets. Electrical problems are often caused by overloading an outlet. Make sure all outlets are clean and in good working order. These safety tips can be found at ESFI: Use extension cords and multi-outlet converters only for appliances. One heat-producing appliance can be plugged into one outlet at a given time. Qualified electricians should inspect hot outlets. Power strips do not alter the power that an outlet receives. They only add outlets. Smart plugs can monitor the power load of outlets and shut down appliances if they overheat. To keep your home safe, replace or repair any damaged electric cords. Damaged power cords can create a risk to electrical safety to your home. They can lead to electrocution or fire. Every power cord and extension must be inspected for cracking or fraying and should then be fixed as required. You must not staple power cords or let them to run underneath the rugs and furniture. Overheating cords could lead to overheat wires and tripping hazards. Cord insulation could be crushed by the furniture and then lead to damage to wires. Extension cords can be used on a regular basis, so you may not have enough outlets. Install additional outlets in areas where extension cords are used frequently by a qualified electrical contractor who is familiar with electrical safety rules. To prevent damage, keep your unused and used cords neat and secure. The safety rules for electrical cords are not only applicable to those that are in use, but cords should also be kept secure to avoid any damage. Keep children and pets away from them. Avoid wrapping cords around any objects. This can lead to the cord to stretch or overheat. To prevent damages to the insulation or wires, never place a cord on a hot surface. To reduce the risk of potential fires, unplug all appliances that are not in use. Unplug an appliance when it is not being used. This is one of the most fundamental electrical safety tips. This will save power and reduce phantom drain, which is the amount of energy a device uses even when it's not in use. Unplugging appliances that aren't being used protects them against overheating and power surges. It can be difficult to remember to unplug appliances that are not in use. However, the new generation smart plugs offer a solution. They allow you to create power schedules for each outlet. To avoid shock, keep electrical outlets and devices away from water. Water and electricity do not mix well. Electrical safety rules require that electrical equipment must be kept dry. This will prevent damage to the appliances, as well as protect you from electrocution and personal injury. It is important to use electrical appliances with dry hands. It is important to keep electrical equipment out of reach from sinks, bathtubs, plants, aquariums, and sinks. This reduces the chance of electricity and water getting into contact. Make the necessary electrical repair as necessary.

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Monday, October 11, 2021

Who do you call: An electrician or a general contractor?

electrician-1-300x218.jpgHow do you find the right person to call when you need repairs, home improvement, or renovation? What should you do if you don't know when to call an electrician? It all depends on the type of work that you have done and what it involves. What is a general contractor? A general contractor is someone hired to manage or oversee a project. This is usually related to construction or renovations. General contractors can have different licenses and specialties. They can also have sub-contractors, who work under them. The general contractor usually has a contract in place with the client that outlines the expectations for the project and directs responsibility for its outcome. Although a general contractor is not usually a Myrtle Beach electrician, some general contractors are licensed electricians. Even though they may not be electricians, some general contractors might be authorized to perform minor electrical work on a project.

What is an electrician?

An electrician is a specialist contractor. An electrician is someone who specializes in the maintenance and installation of electrical equipment. Different levels of expertise are available for electricians. A few electricians are only qualified to do small jobs like changing light fixtures or outlets and installing switches. Other licensed electricians can handle almost any job related to the electrical system in your home or business. There are many levels of licensure for electricians. They range from Trainee to Master Electrician. An Electrical Contractor license is required for all electrical contractors who work in your home. How can I tell which one I require? A general contractor is needed to help you complete a project that involves the destruction or construction of a portion of your home. A general contractor is someone who has the necessary knowledge to construct a home. They also likely have some knowledge in electrical repair and plumbing so that they can make minor repairs or changes. The general contractor will refer an electrician to help with electrical work that is required during the project. The electrician is usually only called for emergency work. An electrician is the best choice if your project involves only wiring or other electrical problems. When you explain the project to them, or when they come out for estimates or to do the work, he or she will let you know if you require the expertise of other professionals. Hire only reputable contractors, with good references and who are licensed and insured. These guidelines will keep you, your house, and the contractor safe in case of an accident. All contractors, including electricians and general contractors, must be licensed and insured in their state.

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Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Why does your electrical outlet have burn marks?

electrician-300x198.jpgIt's easy to overlook your flickering lights and circuit breakers that trip more often than usual. If you notice a burning odor in your home and are certain you did not leave the oven on, it can be hard to ignore. You then look for an outlet and find that the smell is coming from an electrical socket. If you find one, you need electrical outlet repair services. A burning electrical outlet can cause more harm than the unpleasant smells and smells. It is easy to wonder what makes an electrical outlet burn. It might have been necessary to replace it more than once, but the same thing occurs. You might need to replace your electrical outlet several times more until you have some basic knowledge. If not, you should hire an electrician. There are many factors that can cause your outlet to catch fire, so it is important to learn about them in order for your home to be safe.

Potential Factors and Signs You Need Electrical Outlet Repair

Loose connections Loose connections are the leading cause of a burned outlet. Overheating can be electrically called arcing. The electrical outlet's structure is made up of metal parts and insulating materials such as plastics. If the clamp doesn’t hold the plugs securely enough, it can cause rapid fire. Your outlets should be getting more burned. You shouldn't have any problems with arcing if your outlets are properly connected and in good condition. To avoid this problem, ensure that all metal parts are securely connected and that your connections allow for the free flow electricity. Worn out wires Wearned wires are another cause of fire in outlets. After a few years, or even months of usage, wires can wear out. This could lead to incorrect contacts in an outlet. These wires can be reduced in size and cause electricity to halt, which could further spark sparks and arcing. It is important to remember that this could not be just worn-out wires in the outlet, but also incorrectly sized wire cables. Wires are designed to conduct electricity more efficiently when they are connected with wires that are similar to them. Although it would be absurd to think that an electrician would connect two incorrectly sized wires in your home during an electrical repair, you, or perhaps someone else who has less knowledge about electricity might have had an earlier wiring problem. You could have done a DIY project on your outlet, or you could have replaced some wires with others with different diameters. You may not be aware that resistances create heat. If a larger number of wires is connected to a smaller wire, it will increase the resistance to electricity flowing. Your outlets could have been melting because the wire of a smaller diameter was carrying too much current, which is causing too much heat to the outlet's insulation. Overloaded Circuits Over-demanding an outlet where too many appliances are plugged in could lead to unintentional damage. These circuits can become overheated if you use them so often. You can only put a certain amount of load on an outlet that won't cause damage. However, if you have limited outlets and multiple appliances, you may be able to do so. It's possible to connect them all at once. All you need to do is get a Myrtle Beach electrician to help you make more outlets. It's that simple! One of the causes of your electrical outlet burning is at least one of these. They might also be responsible for the pop sounds, heat and tingling sensations when an electric device is plugged into the outlet. Even if the problem is obvious, it's important to check all outlets for any other damage. Electrical faults can affect other areas. If you experience any of these symptoms, especially if your burnt outlet has caused frayed or damaged wiring, please contact an electrician to make necessary repairs. Even if the outlet is still functional, it's possible to save yourself from future damage or spending by not using the outlet.