Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Residential Electrician Tips: Will Your Homeowner’s Insurance Cover Electrical Fire Incidents?

residential-electrician-300x200.jpgAmong the most common places where residential fires begin are in the electrical panels, according to professional residential electrician. The homeowners insurance may cover the damage caused by the first that begin in the electrical panels. Coverage eligibility will depend on the type of electrical panel, the residential codes in your local area, and the age, as well as the electrical inspections done every year.

Residential Electrician Tips – Will Homeowners Insurance Cover Electrical Panel Fires?

If there’s an issue in the electrical wiring of your home, you might not discover it until it’s too late. About three in five electrical fires begin when an electrical panel breaker does not trip. Electrical fires are among the top causes of home fires and have led to about 500 deaths and as much as $1.3 billion worth of property damage every year. If the electrical panels could be a fire risk, then it is crucial to ensure that the damage that is caused by fires that come from the electrical panels are covered by the homeowner’s insurance. But, there are factors that affect the eligibility for insurance coverage. These are:
  • The kind of electrical panel
  • The age of the panel
  • The regional code requirements
  • The yearly inspections conducted by electricians Myrtle Beach
Your insurer may cover some kinds of panel boxes in specific circumstances however, they may deny you coverage in case your electrical panels are outdated, older, or proven to be very risky. How To Make Sure That Your Electrical Panel Is Covered? The most dangerous fire risk is bad wiring especially when it comes from a faulty electrical panel. Insurers will not provide coverage on certain electrical panels due to the risks of fires that they pose to the homeowners. To ensure that your electrical panel is covered, you need to know what type it is and have it inspected by a qualified electrical contractor annually to make sure that it meets the code and safety compliance. What are the types of panels that are not covered by the homeowners insurance? In case you have any of these electrical panels, they won’t be covered by your homeowner’s insurance. They have been found as unsafe for households. These are the following:
  • Federal pacific electric panels
  • Zinsco panels
  • Split bus electrical panels
  • Fuse box
In case your house was constructed before 1990, you probably have one of these electrical panels. They are unsafe and do not meet the code requirements for the safety of residential homes. Talk to an electrical engineer. Do you need electrical inspections to ensure coverage? Yearly electrical inspections by a qualified residential electrician Myrtle Beach or electrical inspector might be required to keep the coverage on your electrical panels especially when the wiring or the electrical panel is older. Electrical panels won’t last forever. Heat will run through the connections day in and day out, which will cause them to deteriorate over time. In case your electrical panel is over 20 years old, then it could pose a fire hazard. By checking the electrical wiring every year, it will help with your insurance claims in case you need to file one.  

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Friday, May 7, 2021

Electrician vs. Electrical Wiring Contractor

electrician-300x200.jpgElectricians repair and install electrical systems. Before you hire an electrician you need to understand the different types of contractors who work with electrical systems. The first thing you must determine is whether you need an electrician or an electrical wiring contractor to do your project. If you need any of the following jobs done, you can work with an electrician or an electrical contractor that specializes in electrical wiring:
  • Phone Wiring
  • Thermostat Wiring
  • Ceiling Fan Wiring
  • Hot Tub Wiring
  • Electrical Outlet Wiring
While you may think you can do these tasks yourself, the best thing to do is avoid problems by hiring someone who knows what to do. The electrician Myrtle Beach can do the job from A to Z while the contractor may supervise the job. The money you spend will be worth it due to not having to worry if something was done inaccurately that can cause a dangerous electrical fire or worse. Keep in mind that no license is required to wire your own home to get the jobs above completed but it’s better to be safe than sorry. However, if you are building a new home, then you absolutely need to hire a licensed electrical wiring contractor. Inspections are required by all states and cities after the initial wiring is installed to ensure your safety. What type of license they need depends on the work to be done. There are many different designations such as Electrical Contractor, Residential Electrical Contractor, Class A Master Electrician, and so forth. Each area of the country may have different requirements and laws. A contractor will know more about the ins and outs of all jobs, and who to hire to do the job for you. Essentially the contractor will manage the electricians needed for each job. Wiring a new home requires very technical skills. Today it includes so much more than it used to what with all the cable wiring, alarm wiring, and networking that goes on in homes as in businesses. Be sure to explain everything you want to your electrical wiring contractor or your electrician to be sure you haven’t left anything out that needs to be wired. Remember you might need wiring for:
  • Computer Networking
  • Smart Televisions
  • Cable
  • Lighting
  • Alarm Systems
  • Water Heaters
  • Heating & Cooling Systems
  • Laundry
  • Kitchen
  • and More
Go through each room of your house and ask yourself what type of writing is needed so that you don’t forget anything. Remember that electrical work is very technical and requires that the person doing it be very well educated on and off the job. Most electricians start as apprentices, learning hands on for about four years before they can get an electricians license. In some states an electrical wiring contractor might not even have to be an electrician first but the know how to run the show and who to hire. While an electrical wiring contractor may have different requirements than an electrician the truth is, either an electrician or a certified electrical wiring contractor can be used depending on the jobs you have and their licensure. But, the electrical wiring contractor will not do the work directly; instead they will be in charge of the job, appointing others to do the work.

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Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Common Problems At Home That Electricians Can Fix

electrician-Myrtle-Beach-1-300x200.jpgYour safety is essential when it comes to household electrics. High bills, flickering lights, and damaged appliances can all be a sign that there is an electrical problem in your home. With the help of reliable electricians, here are a list of common problems related to your electrical system and how to fix them.

Electricians Tips: Dealing With Common Home Electrical Problems

Regular Electrical Surges Electrical surges could be caused by many things such as damage to the power lines, lightning strikes, and even a faulty electrical wiring. A surge will only last for a microsecond but it could damage the electrical components that are linked to your home. Try getting rid of any subpar devices or powerboards from the outlet to check if surges are lessened or eliminated. If not, then you should call an electrician Myrtle Beach. Dips and Sags in Electrical Power Sags and dips in your home’s electrical supply could be related to the devices that are linked to you power grid. You should call your electrical contractor for an electrical inspection. Light Switches Not Working Correctly If dimmer switches don’t work properly then it could be due to subpar products or shady workmanship. Consult an electrician if you are having problems with light switches at home. Frequent Circuit Breaker Trips Circuit breakers trip because of many factors such as using high wattage items on the same electrical source. When a circuit breaker trips, it means it is working properly. It’s best to limit the electrical usage on one circuit especially if you’re using high wat electrical devices. Circuit Overload The overloading of the power boards is the common cause of circuit overloads. Many houses do not have enough power points to accommodate all their appliances. In case the circuit breakers in your house are always tripping, it could be because of this problem. Lights Too Dim or Bright Having lights that are too dim or too dark could mean your lights have different wattage. You need the help of an electrical contractor to make sure that all of the globes are the same. Another possible cause is a bad primary neutral connection. This would continue give you problems until you have it fixed right away. Electrical Shocks You don’t want to experience electrical shocks. Even if they’re pretty mild, they’re a great reminder that electricity is dangerous when not used correctly. When an electrical shock happens, it could be because there’s something wrong with your appliances or there’s a problem with the wiring. Call an electrician and have it fixed right away. High Electrical Bills Lower the cost of your electrical bills by fixing damaged circuits or wiring, unplugging appliances when not being used, fixing leaks in your hot water system, checking electrical devices that cause power surges, and using a more cost effective electrical provider.

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Tuesday, April 20, 2021

How Can A Commercial Electrician Help Your Business Save Cash

commercial-electrician-300x199.jpgThere are two kinds of electricians that provide professional services: residential and commercial electriciansThe first one takes care of electrical issues at home while the latter deals with commercial establishments. There are a few business owners who keep the services of a commercial electrician that provides a range of services for companies and by hiring one, business owners could keep their firms safe and operation. Apart from that, these professionals could likewise assist in saving that owner money, which they can use for their business.

Commercial Electrician Can Install Energy Efficient Lighting

One huge way that a commercial electrician could assist you in cutting costs is to help the business owner get a more energy efficient method of lighting up their business. Here are a few reasons why company owners could think about hiring an expert to work on their lighting systems, and there are several benefits to companies that prefer to use energy efficient lighting units. Decreased monthly electrical bill – companies might be open every day for seven days a week for as much as 12 hours at a time or even more based on the goods and service that they provide. During that period, the lights will always be turned on, and that could increase electric bills. But, a commercial electrician Myrtle Beach could set up lights that could still offer lights, but will decrease the energy used, which means lower electrical bill. Lower Temperature in the Company – if a business has lots of light bulbs, those bulbs could produce a lot of heat. A fully lit company could have several light bulbs and every one of them will get hot. With several light bulbs, the temperature inside could go up and to make sure that employees and customers are always kept cool, owners must constantly keep their air conditioning units running. Everyone knows that clients don’t like businesses that are hot inside. An air conditioning unit that runs constantly places tremendous unit on the system itself. Aside from that, it will also cost the business a lot of cash. By utilizing energy efficient lighting, a business will remain as bright as it used to be, cooler to be in, but pay a lot less to their utility firms. May qualify for an energy rebate – installing energy efficient lighting could also be advantageous since that businesses that have it may be eligible for incentives like tax credits and rebates. Bulbs are replaced less often – electricians could also replace typical light bulbs with energy efficient ones. The filaments in usual light bulbs could blow often, which means you have to replace and throw away the light bulbs. However, energy efficient light bulbs can last for as long as one year and that means you don’t have to change it constantly, which means more savings for your firm.

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Monday, April 12, 2021

How To Find A Licensed Electrician

electrician-Myrtle-Beach-300x215.jpgFinding qualified licensed electrician is not difficult. Not if the owners of the electrical project know what the requirements are for electrical licensing in their state. The problem comes from spending time researching electricians effectively. And making the correct inquiries to find the best licensed electrician for the electrical wiring project at hand. For prudent homeowners and business owners who would like their electrical projects to be dealt with correctly and safely, finding a reliable electrician Myrtle Beach can be simple. You just have to be willing to spend some time to research electrical contractors and make sure that the one you hire will give you top quality work.

Why do you need to research electrical contractors?

Consumers do their research first before they make a purchase. The same thing applies when you’re looking for an electrician. But then some homeowners hire any electrical contractor to complete high risk and expensive electrical wiring project without taking the time to check if that person is qualified and reputable or not. You are taking huge safety and financial risks if you base your decision on the cost, advertising, promises, pledges, and assertions. Keep in mind that the price doesn’t determine the reputation and trustworthiness of electricians. Don’t believe their assertions and promises. You need to validate them. You need to protect your investment regardless if it’s a simple or complicated electrical wiring project. You need to find a licensed electrician to make sure that you don’t put your health and safety at risk since the task on hand deals with electrical wiring.

Steps To Find A Reputable Electrician

Ask friends, family members, neighbors, and co-workers to give referrals for reputable electricians like MB Electrician Pros that they’ve worked with in the past. Don’t forget to ask some questions.
  • Is he a licensed electrician?
  • What kind of electrical wiring project did he do?
  • How much did he charge for the project?
  • Did the electrician agree to your budget without compromising the quality of their services?
  • How long did he take to complete the electrical wiring project?
You also need to check the electrician’s licensing requirements. The electrician must have passed the electrical license exam and must have an updated electrical contractors insurance. Ask about the electrician guidelines in your area or state. You can check the yellow pages for a list of licensed electrical contractor. Call each potential electrician on your list. You have to ask questions so you’ll know who among them meets your standards. It will also help you identify the electrician who will be able to provide you with honest and top quality electrical work for a price that you can afford. It’s ideal to have at least 6 potential electrician and ask for their license number and insurance information. You can run an online search on the licensed electrical contractors that you are thinking of hiring. You can check the National Electrical Contractors Association. Remove the electricians who don’t meet your requirements from your list until you’re left with one that meets your requirements.

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Monday, March 29, 2021

Why Whole House Surge Protection?

surge-protection-Myrtle-Beach-300x200.jpgLightning Protecting Lightning Storms – Can You Be Protected?

With the coming of spring, the weather has turned very unpredictable. Some areas of the country are experiencing their first snowfall, while here in Myrtle Beach we are having thunder storms with thunderbolts. Last fall a neighbor’s house was struck by lightning and they suffered damage to several appliances including a TV and their computer. That's why you need surge protection. If you are not protected, when thunderbolts hit your home, it actually travels through your home’s electrical system. What is happening is that the lighting is looking for the shortest route to the ground. Not only can it travel through appliances, it can also travel through your plumbing and even through your land line phone. Because a thunderbolt can travel through these devices, you are often advised to avoid using your computer or phone during a storm. The thunderbolt can travel through the phone into your body and can do your bodily harm in seconds, even death. Yes, people have survived such horror stories, but do you feel that lucky? Although lightning can damage simple appliances like electric fans or light bulbs, it can do even great damage to appliances containing microchips such as televisions and computers. This also includes those expensive game boxes you purchased over the holidays.

Preparing For A Storm That May Have Lightning

To prevent damage to appliances, game consoles and computers, you will want to unplug them from your homes electrical system. This will prevent them from being fried in the event of a thunderbolt striking your home. Of course, this does not protect them from damage if the bolt strikes causing a fire. Install a lightning rod. This is a very simple device that in theory will attract thunderbolts and divert it from the house. The rod is grounded which makes a pathway for the bolts to reach the ground without damaging your home. Install whole house surge protection Myrtle Beach. This is the most reliable and best alternative for your home. You may not be home to unplug all of your devices when a storm strikes. A Whole House surge protector is designed to protect homes again transient surges that enter through the home’s electric supply. Whole House protectors are devices that are installed at the meter or electrical panel. These devices require the installation by a licensed electrical contractor. Whole house surge protection is also referred to as a house energy shield. This device will protect your appliances by preventing lightning from doing any real damage. You will also want to consider installing point-of-contact surge protection also. These devices are used to protect specific electronic equipment in the event of a surge in power. This can happen when several electronic devices are plugged into one electrical source or when the power company is rotating points of service. These devices usually come with an uninterruptible power supply that can be used to keep the power flowing to your equipment for a short period of time. This will give you time to properly power down your computer and prevent you from losing a document or other data you are working on. You will want to call your local electrician, Myrtle Beach Electrician Pros, for an in-home quote on installing a whole house surge protection system in your home. With the cost of insurance deductibles today, the price is easily justified by preventing just one major appliance from being damaged. In some instances an insurance company will adjust your premium if you install whole house protection against thunderbolt strikes.

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Sunday, March 21, 2021

Electrical Safety Tips During and After Storms

electrician-2-300x218.jpgProfessional electricians say that natural disasters and severe storms can lead to different electrical safety problems in and around our houses. Floods, downed power lines, and lighting are only some of the serious safety issues linked with storms. But most of these electrical safety problems stay even after the storm itself has already passed. Here are some electrical safety tips provided by the Electrical Safety Foundation International ESFI along with answers to some of the most common questions about storm safety.

Electrical Safety Tips During Disasters

What do you need to do if you are outside during a lightning storm?
  • You should find a move mot a light point. If you are in an exposed area, you should move into a crouched position since lighting tend to hit tall objects.
  • Tuck your head.
  • Cover your ears.
  • Don’t get close to trees.
  • Don’t hold or avoid any metal objects.
  • Stay away from anything damp including grass.
  • Stay away from lakes, pools, or anything that has water.
  • If there are other people, be sure not to stay close to them.
Should you stay in or out of the car? Electrician Myrtle Beach says it’s better to stay inside your vehicle when there’s a thunderstorm if it’s fully enclosed and comes with a metal stop like that of a minivan. When you’re inside the vehicle, make sure to avoid using radio communications as well as other electronic devices. Are you safe inside the house during the storm? You will be safe inside your house during a storm if you follow some basic electrical safety tips. You have to stay away from doors and windows. Before the storm comes, you should unplug your appliances and other electronic devices. You should also avoid getting in contact with plumbing and water such as faucets, baths, and sinks. Can you talk on the phone during a storm? You can use cellular phones or cordless phones if you need to make a phone call during a storm. Should you leave your dog outside during a storm? If you have pets, you need to bring them inside your home. Chained animals can be struck by lightning if left outside. What should you do if you find a downed power line? If you encounter a downed power line, you should move a minimum of 10 feet through small steps, you have to keep your feet together and always on the ground to minimize the possibility of a strong electrical shock. What should you do if someone else encountered a downed power line? If you see another person come in direct or indirect contact with a downed power line, you must not touch that person. You will be surely the next victim if you do. You have to call for help right away. What can you use to move a downed power line? Stay away from a downed power line. Don’t try to move it using a non-conductive material like wood.

Call MB Electrician Pros right away if you want to make sure that your home is prepared before a storm. Our team of professional electrician can also assist you with your electrical concerns after the storm.

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